Publicity & Management

Unfinished Side provides a full range of publicity and management services to its clients. True to the spirit of the company, we aim to leave our clients with something tangible – to help them build something.

Whether taking on a short-term campaign or consultation, or working on long-term strategy and development, we want to hand our clients more than a list of press clippings at the end of each month.


With origins in traditional publicity work, we strive to help our clients achieve a new level of control over their careers and companies. For individual artists and ensembles this may mean developing and focusing the presence on social media, or it may mean reexamining everything in the press kit to develop a more cohesive and consistent branding strategy.

Organization = Efficiency

For artist management companies we have produced new websites and digital press kits. We’ve restructured the way in which companies handle press inquiries and press materials from the ground up. In addition to creating a more organized and media-friendly company, our work moves a vast majority (in some cases all) materials into the digital domain, saving on office time, postage, and supplies.